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Kelly Van Rij is the founder of Integrated Therapies and currently has 29 years of clinical experience. Kelly’s career began when she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 1991. With a specialization in manual therapy, her studies continued to evolve, as she searched for deeper, more effective means of healing her most difficult patient populations. Kelly went on to receive National Diplomat Status as an Acupuncture 2003. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Alternative Health Sciences and opened Integrated Therapies. She has found great success in improving the quality of her patients’  lives when other conventional therapies have failed. She calls upon her past experience to employ the unique combination of traditional chinese medicine with orthopedic manipulative therapy. Her holistic emphasis of treatment with a focus on addressing the root cause of illness has expanded her  studies yet again to include functional medicine. She is a Kharrazian Institute trained practitioner with a special emphasis on autoimmunity and neurological dysfunction.

Kelly's knowledge, experience, and swift clinical outcomes have made her the go to therapist for resolving the problems of several of the area's clinicians.  


 Master of Science Oriental Medicine, Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Science   Professional Health Studies

Board Certified American Academy of Anti Aging Practitioner
Diplomate NCCAOM 
Board Certified Physical Therapist
Kharrazian Institute Trained  Functional Medicine Practitioner
Rocktape Certified Practitioner

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