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         Kelly Van  Rij has changed my life forever. I believe if it weren’t for Kelly and acupuncture, I would not be holding my beautiful daughter in my arms today. After having 2 consecutive miscarriages and then not being able to get pregnant for a year, I called Kelly Van Rij, physical therapist & acupuncturist to see if she could help me. Within 3 months of going twice a week, I was pregnant. In addition to acupuncture, Kelly complemented her treatment with natural herbs which I took prior to getting pregnant and also in my 1st 6 weeks of pregnancy. I had the most wonderful pregnancy with virtually no symptoms just tiredness at the end. I had a healthy 8 lbs. 5oz. girl. The only regret that I had was that I did not call Kelly sooner. Every baby born is a miracle and because of Kelly I now am able to enjoy my little miracle.                           Sincerely K.R

I have had back problems since about 1992, causing pain in the sciatica area and down my right leg. My first treatment was with computerized Nautilus machines. With no improvement, I was referred to a Neuron-Surgeon in Orlando. A Laminectomy was performed with disappointing results due to the formation of scar tissue. I was then referred to another doctor for a series of Epidural Injections. Still no improvement. From there to a Spinal Cord  Stimulator,Nerve Root Injections , and another Laminectomy in 2001. I was still living with a pain level of an eight or above.

Finally, I tried Integrated Therapies, Inc. Thanks to Kelly Van Rij and her motivation to help people with severe pain, combining, Acupunture and Physical Therapy, for the first time since 1992 I have had relief from pain, rating it at a level of one to zero.       P.U

Dear Kelly Van Rij,

You are an answer to my prayers. When I came to you I was in desperate need of pain relief. I had tried cortisone injections in my back, which gave me some relief for a short period of time, but the side effects were not worth it. Cortisone moved my body fat to the front of my body, making me look pregnant, and also caused my face and neck to swell up. I then tired chiropractic care 3 times a week, which help for a time. When I came to you I was suffering from back pain which made it extremely difficult to drive, terrible fatigue, and a loss of motivation. I am self employed and my livelihood and quality of life were negatively affected. You taught me how to manage my diet and lifestyle. You helped to correct my imbalances on all fronts. Your time, care, and attention are invaluable. I cannot thank you enough. M.H.

After my first application of acupuncture I was relieved of the pain and able to drive my car. I found you so easy to trust because of the time you took to explain each step of the procedure. You took the time to really listen to my  many other problems that affected my whole health picture. As time went on with my follow up appointments you added gentle exercises to improve my body strength. You looked at my whole health picture and showed me how best to manage all aspects of my condition including  Parkinsons Disease.

C.W. (CNP)

May God continue to bless you with the gifts of healing and compassion which you so beautifully combine in your skills as a physical therapist and physician acupuncturist.          Sincerely,   J.M (RN)

Having Kelly Van Rij use her knowledge about physical therapy and the use of acupuncture to give relief from pain has

Totally changed my life. After suffering from arthritic pain in my lower back and in my knees for years. Kelly found the correct solution-a combination of deep massage and acupuncture to relieve this frustrating pain. After only a few treatments, I am able to get tune-up treatments only once or twice a month. In ways, this has saddened me, since Kelly has such a friendly personality and interest in me, that I miss our talks. Now I need to make an appointment just so we can visit.

For those who are new to trying acupuncture-there is very little pain if any. The pain that does occur is from an unusually tender spot and lasts only a few seconds. There is no blood or marks from the needles just relief. If you don’t tell anyone, they would never know why you no longer complain about aches and pains. They will just notice a new livelier you.         H.L

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